Who We Are

Jeanette Caprino

Who We Are - Jeanette CaprinoJeanette Caprino. President &
Co-founder of Kidney Connection, Inc.

Jeanette Caprino has lived in Jamestown, NY her entire life and is very involved in the kidney community in her area. She has one son who has had 2 kidney transplants. She is retired from the Jamestown Public School district and enjoys reading, golfing and helping those in need find a living donor.

The Kidney Connection was started in 2006 after successfully finding a kidney for her son on a National website www.matchingdonors.com.

Patti Merritt

Patti Merritt, Vice President & Co-founder of the Kidney Connection, Inc.Patti Merritt, Vice President &
Co-founder of the Kidney Connection, Inc.

For generations, polycystic kidney disease has affected my family. Many relatives were lost in their 40s or 50s because of this genetic condition. In 2001 I became the first person in the family to receive a kidney transplant. My sister in law Lynn lovingly donated one of her kidneys to me. Since then, both of my sisters have also been saved by living kidney donors. My husband became a living kidney donor to a stranger to help my youngest sister enter into a chain of kidney transplants.

I have been able to love and enjoy my family, continue my career as a clinical social worker, run races and climb mountains because of this gift of life! I’ve been able to experience the amazing benefits of a new kidney. I want to help others in need by sharing what I have learned.

Joe Caprino

Joe Caprino- Director of MarketingJoe Caprino
Director of Marketing .

Joe Caprino is a native of Jamestown, NY. Joe has a background in International Business, and Finance. He has traveled abroad extensively and attended international trade school in Japan. He has managed a company in Europe and is the owner of several businesses including Caprino Management of which he is Managing Director.

Caprino Management, LLC has two focuses:

The first has to do with acquisitions and divestitures. The company works with a wide range of institutional and private investors. Caprino Management handles the entire acquisition or divestiture process.

The second focus has to do with Management. The company offers consulting and management assistance for Business Development and turn-around situations.

Joe also is involved with Real Estate in North Carolina as well as an investor in several technology startups.

Joe has furthered his business education with a Master’s degree in Theology from St. Bonaventure University and is a licensed Minister. His theological specialization is in the field of Christian Apologetics.

Joe is also a professional guitarist, songwriter, and classical singer. He has performed in several fundraisers for the kidney connection that have been extremely successful.

Joe has been with the Kidney Connection since 2015 in the role of Marketing Director.

Greg Emminger

Greg EmmingerGreg Emminger,
Living Altruistic Kidney Donor –  Board Member. 

Greg Emminger is currently employed by Carubba & Company. Greg focuses his efforts in the Western New York area primarily in the Commercial and Industrial sector. In 2010, Greg was awarded the Lender of the Year by the New York Business Development Corporation for all of New York State. Greg is an active member in many charitable organizations locally including, Kids Escaping Drugs, Eastern Hills Sunrise Rotary, and WNY Kidney Connection; where he serves on various boards and sub committees.

In the past, Greg has been involved with the WMY RMA Association, Junior Achievement, Buffalo and Niagara Builders Association as well as a volunteer for the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society of WNY. Greg spends a significant amount of time volunteering and supporting both local as well as national charitable organizations.

Greg holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Canisius College as well as an MBA from Canisius College. Additionally, Greg is a graduate of the Harvard Business School Club of Buffalo.