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Thomas Wessel lives in Cheektowaga, NY. He has Blood Type B. You may contact Thomas by using the form below.

Retired from the U.S.P.S. in 2008, I’m a former letter carrier at the Hiler Branch Post Office.  I’ve logged many miles through the wind, rain, sleet, and snows of Western New York. I enjoyed serving my customers and offering a hand when needed on my daily route.

Thomas Wessel

My wife and I raised three great children — and after they were grown, I found that I had inherited the gene for Polycystic Kidney Disease.  It began to manifest in my mid-50’s and pretty much altered any retirement dream I may have entertained during those long winters out on the streets of Buffalo.

A sports fanatic, I thrive on just about any sport, but mostly basketball – having played for Ken High in the early 70’s and having grown up in a family of eight – a basketball and a hoop were all we needed to keep us busy and active for hours.

I would have enjoyed an opportunity to pursue a retirement hobby of coaching and helping young athletes pursue their dreams.

I’ve been on dialysis for one year now and my blood type is B negative.

One of my future goals is to practice with my young granddaughter and my grandson and encourage them to engage in athletics.  It would make us proud to see them carry on a family tradition in Western New York.

And, I’d love to dance at my granddaughter’s wedding someday!

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my story!

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