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Sierra Reynolds lives in Altona, NY. She has Blood Type A. You can contact Sierra by using the form below.​

I am a 13 yrs old and in need of a kidney from a person in age group range of younger than 30yrs old due to concern of grafting.

When I was 2 I had contracted ecoli h-0157 which caused hemorrhaging, septic shock,& dehydration. As a result 3/4 of my large intestine was removed, several feet surgeries (CP),left ovary removed, & kidney failure. I try to live a normal life like my peers but due to end stage V kidney failure, there are days where I am so tired & feel sick.

I want to be successful & go to college but the toxins in the body & many doctor appts cause absence from school. I’ve been blessed in so many ways with miracles especially when I was 2 my MRI showed I would never be ale to walk, talk or eat on my own. Having wonderful doctors and support from a great medical team, it’s been worth the 1 hr 45min drive 1 way to medical facility over these past 10 years that resulted into so many accomplishments.

I’m a fighter and I will get through this waiting period of receiving a kidney but I’m getting sicker and need to ask for help. Due to medical criteria’s my immediate family don’t qualify to be a donor and with the life expectancy of a kidney that has been donated, it’s important to stay within the 15 yr range. My friends everyday tell me how strong I am and that it will happen soon.

Please pray for myself and all the people that are in need of a transplant.

May God Bless you and your families.

Sierra & her family

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