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Robert Mullen lives in North Tonawanda, NY. He has Blood Type A.  You can contact Robert by using the form below.

I just read about this website while researching anything new about transplant. I thought what the heck I don’t know if I don’t try.

My husband has polycystic kidney disease (he was born with this). He has had a great life up until 3yrs ago, that was when his kidney function began to decline. He is currently on the list and is so amazing, not on dialysis and 12% function and working every day.

My story is like many others , what makes this so different? Only that it’s mine …. if anyone can help that’s amazing if not that’s ok to.

I know that God has a plan not just for my amazing husband but for each of us.

For anyone who takes the time to read this Thank you and even if you can’t donate, Thank you!!!!

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