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Michele Bijhouwer

Michaele Bijhouwer Lives in Arcade, NY. She has Blood Type AB. You can contact Michele by using the form, the email address, or the phone number below:

I am an active, fun loving wife and mom to two teenage boys. They are my world, and God willing, I want to be around to continue watching them grow, flourish, and become adults. I have Polycystic Kidney disease. I am not on dialysis yet, and am hoping to receive the most precious gift so as to avoid dialysis altogether. As my function levels continue to drop so does my energy level and my number of good days. My blood type is AB+ which makes me the universal recipient (your blood type doesn’t matter). Your gift would mean the world and forever be cherished . I realize donating is not always an option, and that’s ok. I’d be grateful to receive your prayers, and if you could share my story, that would be amazing!!! Thank you for you consideration.


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