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Josie Bush lives in Rochester, NY. She has Blood Type A. You can contact Josie using the form below.

Hello–my name is Josie Bush. I have a rare kidney disease. I’m searching for a kidney donor.
Here is my story. I always go to the doctor for a yearly check up. In 2006 I went for a blood test and they usually just send me my results by mail. Well this time I got a phone call and told me I had to go see a kidney specialist. I was scared out of my mind.My Doctor did a biopsy on my kidney’s and let me know I have a Disease called Fibernectin, too much protein in my urine. My husband Wayne has been by my side and my rock to help me thru what I have e been going through. We have been married for 24 yrs and he has been such a wonderful husband to me I would not change anything about my life. My husband and I have a wonderful relationship we love to travel. We both have jobs I work at Harris comm. My husband Wayne serves in the National Guard he is a Sergeant first Class E7. He also served in the Active Army. We have a kitten and her name is Princess. We both belong to Chili American Legion. And we both March in the color Guard and in the summer time we March in Parades. Josephine Bush and husband

I’ve been on the transplant list since February 2016. I live in the Rochester NY area and see Dr. Matthew Gross in the Nephrology Dept. at Strong Memorial Hospital.

I’m asking for anyone interested in getting tested, to be a donor for me, please contact; Dr. Gross’ office to set up an appointment at 585-275-4517.

Please share this information so we can reach as many people as possible.

Thank you, and may God bless you.

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