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Jeffrey Snyder lives in Buffalo, NY. He has Blood Type O. You can contact Jeff using the form below.

Jeff Snyder, a man born and raised in Buffalo NY, is 54 years old. He is a father of three girls and a grandparent to four. Jeff is also part of the Iroquois Native Americans of New York. He is part of the Cayuga tribe and a member of the Turtle Clan.

In 2009, Jeff had two heart attacks that led him into the operating room for a triple bipass surgery on his heart. Due to this toll on his heart, his body and organs began to suffer soon after the surgery. His family was then told that Jeff would have to be put on dialysis for a six week stint to help his failing kidneys. It was quite the blow to family and friends because Jeff had always been active in sports. He played basketball with friends, was actively playing lacrosse, and also reffing. So, when news broke that he was ailing in health, it took everyone by surprise. Fortunately, the six weeks of dialysis seemed to help, and as the doctors predicted, he was then taken off of it. He was able to go back to work for the state as a mental health therapy aide in Buffalo, a job that he had for years, and a job that he loved doing and going to everyday.

Then, in 2012, Jeff’s fate got a little darker when doctors told him he had congestive heart failure. This diagnosis would change Jeff’s, his family, and his friends’ lives forever. The congestive heart failure had affected his kidneys yet again, and he was then placed on dialysis three times a week for four hour intervals at each session. Although this news wasn’t anticipated, Jeff didn’t let it get him down. He kept working, stayed active, and spent as much time with his family and friends as he possibly could.

Present day, Jeff has end stage renal failure and has been on the transplant list for a little over a year. This has led Jeff into a forced early retirement situation as of late 2015. This also forced him to give up the job he loved and made him feel alive for so many years. In addition, Jeff recently developed Crohn’s disease, as of February of 2016, which landed him in the hospital for 10 days.
There are good days, but there are also really bad days. Some days Jeff can lead a seemingly normal life going to visit his grandchildren, seeing his daughters, and having days that most take for granted. But the bad days are just that: bad. Often he can’t help but sleep the day away because of how weak he becomes, or other days he has to cancel plans because the dialysis has made him sick.

Jeff and his family are in need of help. Since Jeff was forced into early retirement, medical bills are starting to stack up. Dialysis is not cheap, and when he gets a kidney, hopefully some time soon, he will need to help pay for that as well.

Please help this optimistic and determined man with his fight for a healthier, longer life.

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