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Name: Jamie Smythe, lives in Watervliet, NY. Blood Type B, You can contact Jamie by using the form below.

On my 23rd birthday in April of 2011, I woke up spiting up blood and a week later I was in the ICU at Albany Medical Center dying. Come to find out I have an auto immune disease called microscopic polyangiitis as well as End-stage renal disease and because of the nature of those conditions and the side effects to medications like prednisone  a steroid I have diabetes, blood clots in my legs and my lungs that I received from being in the ICU for 3 ½ weeks, and so on.

I am a 25 year old single mother of a 5 year old girl named Chaiyanne. She was very young when I got sick at 23 years old, and she doesn’t remember the me before I got sick. All she has ever known is her mother on a machine or in the hospital because something was wrong. At 5 years old Chaiyanne knows that her mommy is different,  she also knows that about Fistulas, catheters, and good hand washing techniques. But I want Chaiyanne to know a healthy mommy, a lively mommy that isn’t always in the hospital sick or that has to live off of a machine.

My blood type is B+. I am currently being evaluated by the transplant team at Albany Medical Center to become Active on the list and I am looking for a donor match. If anyone is interested I can be reached at 518.203.4782 or by email at:

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