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Name: Jamie Smythe, lives in Watervliet, NY. Blood Type B, You can contact Jamie by using the form below.

On my 23rd birthday in April of 2011, I woke up spiting up blood and a week later I was in the ICU at Albany Medical Center dying. Come to find out I have an auto immune disease called microscopic polyangiitis as well as End-stage renal disease and because of the nature of those conditions and the side effects to medications like prednisone  a steroid I have diabetes, blood clots in my legs and my lungs that I received from being in the ICU for 3 ½ weeks, and so on.

I am a 34 year old single mother of a 5 year old girl named Chaiyanne. She was very young when I got sick at 23 years old, and she doesn’t remember the me before I got sick. All she has ever known is her mother on a machine or in the hospital because something was wrong. At 13 years old Chaiyanne knows that her mommy is different,  she also knows that about Fistulas, catheters, and good hand washing techniques. But I want Chaiyanne to know a healthy mommy, a lively mommy that isn’t always in the hospital sick or that has to live off of a machine.

My blood type is B+. I am currently active on the waiting list at Albany Medical Center and I am looking for a donor match. If anyone is interested I can be reached at 518.203.4782 or by email at:

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