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Herb Pinkert lives in Tonawanda, NY. He has Blood Type B. You can contact Herb by using the form below.

My name is Herb Pinkert and I just turned 39 years old last week. I found out 3 months ago that my kidneys are no longer functioning after my fiancé forced me to go to the hospital.She begged me over a year ago to go see a doctor and I brushed it off. I wish I would have listened.

We recently bought our first home together and have a family of four fur babies (2 little dogs and 2 cats, they are all very dear to me). We had planned on getting married this year but have had to postpone the wedding as to not lose my insurance coverage.

We learned about this website at the orientation we attended today.

I can’t stand to see her cry anymore because she cannot donate to me herself. I would love nothing more than to receive a kidney so we can continue on our journey together in this life.

Thank you for reading and thank you for saving a life, even if it’s not mine.

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