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Evelyn Santiago lives in Dunkirk, NY. She has Blood Type A. You can contact Evelyn by using the form below.​

My name is Evelyn Santiago. I was born on October 7 1958. The third oldest of four children. I have 3 grandsons and 3 grand daughters with another baby from my youngest daughter on the way. I have had open heart surgery and have had a pacemaker for about 5 years. Due to my diabetic condition I am blind. I also have blood pressure problems.

I will never be able to see the smiles on my grandchildren faces or see the changes as they grow up into men and women. I worked many years to provide for my family to the best of my abilities through good and bad times. I have two sons and two daughters.

Its been so difficult living the way I do having to have help, not being able to help others and having others do for me. This is something that I just cannot get used to. Now I am in need of a kidney my blood type is “A”.

Although I am blind, my grand children know grandmother is here. It would be such a blessing to receive a Kidney from a donor so that I may continue to live my life for my grandchildren and be around for them as long as I can.

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