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Elana DePaolo

Elena DePaolo Lives in Buffalo, NY. She has Blood Type A. You can contact Elena by using the form, the email address, or the phone number below:

My name is Elena and I am 28 years old. I am from New York Stare, married to a wonderful man and have an incredible son.


Five years ago I was diagnosed with Leukemia in which I had chemotherapy, radiation therapy and a stem cell transplant. I have been in remission since October 12, 2016. My husband (boyfriend at the time) was amazing and never left my side.


In May of 2017 I was diagnosed with stage 3 chronic kidney disease and it is believed to be due to the effects of my cancer treatments. However, we knew eventually we would want to look into starting our own family. We ended up participating in IVF where we became pregnant with our daughter, Francesca. Due to being high risk it was tricky. Sadly, she was born at 20 weeks and did not survive.


After my pregnancy with my daughter my CKD worsened to stage 4, with w GFR of only 17. Times were very dark but a huge light came into our lives when when we adopted our incredible son, Lorenzo. He is my entire world.


Here we are nearly 2 years later and I’ve qualified for a kidney transplant. I have been waiting about a year; I was supposed to have a transplant on November 15, 2021 but it was cancelled due to my donor not being sufficient enough.


I am looking for a generous, selfless person that is interested in helping me.


I want to watch my son grow up, I want some normalcy as I forgot what that even feels like.


If you could find it in your heart to share your spare with me, I would be so grateful .. as well as my husband and family.

Thank you!


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