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Anthony Ralabate lives in Buffalo, NY. He has Blood Type B. You can contact Tony by using the form below.

My name is Tony and I am 37 years old and earlier this  year was advised by my doctor that I have stage 5 renal failure!

My blood type is “B”.

My kidney disease progressed very quickly! I was immediately put on dialysis  and I am now waiting for a kidney!

I live with my fiance and our dog Mario! My  mother passed away from kidney disease 5 years ago and was too ill to receive a  donor kidney! I am so young and have so much life ahead of me. I can’t work  right now because I am not adjusting well to the dialysis which I have 3 days a  week. On my free time when I’m feeling okay I enjoy spending time with my  nieces and nephew!

My 2 sisters are not eligible donors and my father has had  diabetes for years therefor is also not a eligible donor. My friends who were  willing to donate we’re not a match!

I would be so grateful if there was a  living donor out here willing to help me so I can get back to a normal way of  life and possibly start a family of my own!

God bless!

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