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Ann Irwin

Ann Irwin, Lives in Albany, NY. She has Blood Type A. You can contact Ann by using the form, the email address, or the phone number below:

​​I am a single mom to three kids, now 15, 12 and 8. They’ve had so much unexpected heartache in their lives. I have end-stage renal failure and am on dialysis for 4 hours a day, 3 times a week. My lupus (which is so hard to diagnose) is now known and controlled, but not before my kidneys were irreparably damaged. I am asking you to donate a kidney so I can be there for them for many years to come. I am a hardworking professional in the computer coding industry. I manage a team at work, my kids at home, and constant medical care. Your gift of a kidney will be well cared for and will help my kids have a healthy, active mom again. Please feel free to share my story. Thank you for your generous thoughts, prayers, and support! All my best, Ann


Albany Medical Center

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