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Alan Spiegel lives in Amherst, NY. He. has Blood Type O. You can contact Alan by using the form below.​

Hi, my name is Alan Spiegel. I am a husband, father & grandfather. The most important thing to me is my family. I want to spend time with them and with my rescue dog, Lucy but I am on dialysis and tired all of the time.

I used to hike, bike, kayak, do house renovations, volunteer for various non-profits but I no longer have the stamina to do all of these things I love. Dialysis is very hard on my body. I’m on the transplant waiting list, but so are 100,000 other people and most of them also are in end stage kidney disease and waiting for a kidney.

It can take years to get a call that there’s a deceased donor kidney match, especially for my blood type which is O positive. I can receive a kidney from someone with type O blood.

With a living kidney donor, not only does the long wait finally end, but it is also the best treatment and transplant option. Kidneys from living donors generally last longer than kidneys from deceased donors.

I do not have a family member to donate a kidney; so I wait.

You can stop the wait by becoming a living kidney donor. If you are interested, this is the information from the hospital where I am listed:

Living donor information for UPMC
Phone: 412-647-5800

My email address is:

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