The KidneyConnection is a site for potential living kidney donors and people in need on local kidney donation waiting list to communicate.  Over the past two years, this type of venue has been the meeting place for donors and recipients across the country.  We hope that this site will help our neighbors and friends make that connection and that more people will be able to give and receive the gift of life.

We started as the Western New York Kidney Connection and in this area we have seen wonderful, heart touching connections made between persons suffering with kidney disease and either complete strangers or acquaintances who were unaware of their need for a kidney. In every case the the donor and the recipient both found joy and fulfillment in the experience.

We are now branching out, with an Albany Kidney Connection and a Northwest Pennsylvania Kidney Connection.  We hope to continue to be able to offer this opportunity to more and more locations as the word travels.

Please take time to look through this website to learn more about the Kidney Connection.