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“The purpose of the Northwest Pennsylvania Kidney Connection is to create a local community website so that those on the Northwest PA region waiting list can post their profile and anyone who wants to be a living donor can post theirs. We also want people who have incompatible donors to post on it in the kidney exchange section.”  Please encourage those who are waiting for their turn to receive a life saving transplant to enter their profile here.
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If you do not see your posting within 24 hours, please call 716-450-8958 to make sure it was received by us

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Please include any information that you would like to post in your profile. Tell a little bit about yourself and your family. Examples would be your hobbies, where you work, ethnic origin, religious affiliation. Also, include any organizations you may belong to. Your future donor may be someone who knows you but didn’t know you needed a kidney. **INCLUDE BLOOD TYPE**

Include Photo

We know from experience that if you include a picture of yourself, you will have a lot more people viewing your profile. It could be a picture of you alone, with your family or even your pets. A picture makes you a real person with a real need and not just a number on a waiting list. We urge you to submit a photo.

The purpose of submitting to Northwest PA Kidney Connection is to connect those in need of a lifesaving kidney with those who can supply a kidney to one in need. This is a free service supported solely by sponsor contributions. Certain personal information is necessary for submission to these lists. You will see a * next to all required fields on the form to the right. Any form submitted without all of the mandatory fields filled will not be added to our lists.
Northwest PA Kidney Connection and its organizing group “The Kidney Connection” will not sell your information to any other list or entity or exchange your information with any other lists or entity without your permission. The information will however be published for public viewing and for direct contact from the public. Northwest PA Kidney Connection and its organizing group “The Kidney Connection” will not be responsible for any communication you receive as a result of your posting on these lists.
Northwest PA Kidney Connection reserves the right to reject a submission to these lists . We strongly recommend setting up an email account which is dedicated to responses from this listing. Your phone number can be included at your discretion. By clicking yes on the form to the left you are indicating that you have read and agree with the information stated here.