If you are considering donating a kidney to someone on The Kidney Connection, this is the place to start.

How to connect to someone that you could donate to:

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1. Click “Our List” to see profiles of those in need.

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2.  Select someone who has a compatible blood type that you would like to test for. Click on their photo and read their profile.  If your blood type is “O” you can select anyone to test for.  You are considered a “Universal Donor” and can test for anyone no matter what their blood type is!!!! View a chart of compatible blood type matches.

3.  Contact the person from their profile page by using the contact form provided below their story. After receiving your message they will reply to you tell you how to start the testing process.

4. GOD BLESS YOU!!!!! What you are considering is something very amazing.  You are willing to save a life!!! If you have any questions please email jeanetteostrom@gmail.com.

Information to help you as you consider becoming a living donor.:

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>> Kidney Exchange Program

>> Inspirational Stories

>> Our Donor Heroes

>> The Kidney Connection is a Free Service

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