Amy-and-Flip (2)

Amy Jane at the Tulip Fest with Flip, the “dialysis bird.”

UPDATE:   I am so grateful to my donor and his family.  I do not know who he was, and I want to wait awhile before reaching out to them to give them time.  I am told six months is a reasonable time frame to wait, so I am aiming for that.  Both of his kidneys were transplanted that day, one to me (I named her Lily May, after my maternal grandmother, because my second cousin said she dreamt Nana was watching over me) and the other to my hospital roommate, now my “kidney sister”, who named hers George (which happens to be my dad’s name!) The doctors were very interested that our adapting to the new kidneys was very parallel, to the point that we were discharged the same day.  We were in the hospital almost two weeks, as it took awhile for the kidneys to “wake up” in their new environment, which I am told is fairly normal.

The Kidney Connection would like to express their sincere condolences to the donor and his family.

 Amy Jane Steiner