Ted donated a kidney to Dudley

Ted donated a
kidney to Dudley

June 11, 2009 – Ted Morton donated a kidney to Ted Morton.  Ted saw Dudley’s profile on the WNY Kidney Connection and was moved to help him.  Both men are doing great.  Ted – you are truly a hero.  We know you will deny it but we are so proud of you for saving Dudley’s life and giving him time to spend with his family.  It was a pleasure meeting you and your wife and Mom.  We hope to hear more of this story.

Hi everyone!

I’m Ted Morton, a 50 year old lifelong resident of WNY. Before a year ago, I was oblivious to the extent of kidney disease and transplants as no one in my family or anyone I new closely had ever had kidney problems. I then read an article in The Wall Street Journal of a NYC broker (such as myself) that had donated a kidney altruistically and the impact it had on himself, the recipients and both families. It opened my eyes to this whole different world out there I didn’t know existed!

But like a lot of things, life got in the way and I forgot about it….UNTIL the article in the

Buffalo News in October 2008 about the 2 ladies in the southern tier that were brought together by the WNY Kidney Connection. This time I started looking into the possibility of donation.

After several weeks of research, prayer and discussion with my wife, we decided to contact this website and start the ball rolling. The testing started in January and by mid March we had a tentative date set. More testing was needed in May but on 6/11/2009 I proudly donated my left kidney to Dudley. I went home in 3 days, Dudley in 7. The transplant team at Buffalo General from my RN, Hayley, to both surgery teams was absolutely remarkable before, during and after the surgery. I will never be able to say enough good things about them.

tedposttransplantOne thing I would like to address. Many people have called me a hero for what happened. I understand the meaning behind it and appreciate it, however I honestly feel that the kidney Dudley received is not just from me but also from 2 others. First, my mother raised me with a solid-Christ centered value system. Without that faith in God and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I don’t think I would have “cared” enough to give part of myself away, especially to a total stranger.

For myself, this faith is why I had absolutely no apprehensions as we approached the surgery date. It is also this faith that I felt led to have the surgery. I really think I was just doing something that God had planned for me & Dudley a long, long time ago! The second person is my wife Chris. Without her support there was no way that this event would have happened. She became comfortable with the risks quickly. She had to put up with quite a few extra Dr. appointments in the past several months and more importantly the extra care I would need during my own recovery period.

We prayed about all of this and sharing the same type of faith she too felt from the beginning that this was something that God wanted us to do. Without my mother; without my wife; there probably would have not been a transplant between myself & Dudley. So Dudley really has 3 heroes!!!!

Finally I just want to say that if ANYONE is considering donating, I would be pleased and honored to speak to you more in depth about my experience. Just go to the website www.wnykidneyconnection.org  or contact me directly at Tbmorton@aol.com.

It has been a real pleasant experience to get to know Dudley & his wife Marlene and their children. We hope to have many years more of sharing our lives.