Seema Ure lives in Buffalo, NY

January 2012 – It was a very Happy New Year for Seema. Greg Emminger, a total stranger, read her profile on the WNY Kidney Connection and gave her the gift of life. Thank You Greg for your kind Gift.

Desperate  for a donor Seema found a website called the Western New York Kidney Connection where those in need can post their plea for help

Greg Emminger of North Tonawanda donated a kidney to Seema Ure in December 2011. Their story was featured on WGRZ TV where they were interviewed by Scott Brown.

Seema was born with kidney disease and about five years before the transplant her kidneys began to fail. Her quality of life changed dramatically while on dialysis. She had led an active, happy life, enjoying the outdoors, including boating and hot air ballooning. Seema said, “I had prayed really hard and I said God just either take me away or get me a transplant. I just can’t live like that, I felt like I was wasting away. I didn’t want to live another day.”

Desperate for a donor, Seema found the Kidney Connection. She posted a photo of herself happy and vibrant, as she once had been, and wrote:

“Hi, this was before dialysis filled my life. Since 2007, I’ve been slowly dying. I live on a machine for 12 hours a day each day at home and I have no one I can turn to for help, I feel very much alone in this world. It’s hard for me to ask for help when it means someone has to go through so much for me I wish I could give the gift of life to someone rather than receive it. My blood type is A Positive and I don’t want to keep living on a machine please help me, and hear my prayers.”

Greg saw her post on the Kidney Connection. “It gave me time to pause and reflect on all of the blessings I have. I have wonderful and healthy children, I have great friends, great family, financially things are good, I have a good career, I have a home. There was still something I felt I could do more, I could do something more to change someone else’s life, to make their life as happy and as satisfying as mine is. I turned that into what if I don’t do something for Seema? And the answer was pretty clear- she was going to die.”

Greg donated his kidney to save Seema, a stranger. They met only after the transplant had taken place. Seema said, “I could hardly talk. I really prayed hard that I couldn’t live another day on that machine, and somehow God heard me and went through him. Somehow he picked me. I call him my Christmas angel. He’s taken away all my fears and he’s taken away all of my sufferings and that’s why I call him an angel because to me it’s not humanly possible to do that to someone but he did that.”

Greg and Seema are doing well and were reunited in July 2012 when Greg was honored as the Grand Marshall of the Canal Fest Parade where this photo was taken. Greg has become a spokesman and advocate for living kidney donation, inspiring others to “pay it forward.”