June 11, 2009 – Ted Morton donated a kidney to Dudley Williams. Ted saw Dudley’s profile on the WNY Kidney Connection and was moved to help him. Both men are doing great.

After reading about  the Web site in The OBSERVER, Marlene Williams of Brocton created a profile for  her husband, Dudley, who had been on dialysis. Cheektowaga resident Ted Morton  found Dudley’s profile and contacted him. Soon, the two went from talking on  the phone to meeting face to face at a local restaurant.

“Actually meeting  up with the person whose life is going to be extended was quite emotional for  us,” Morton said.

Once the two were  found to be compatible, a successful kidney transplant took place on June 11. A  few years ago, one stranger needed a kidney and another was looking to donate  one. Today, the two are both healthy and have become great friends.

“We are going to  be friends for life,” said Williams. “He calls every weekend and sees  how we are doing.”

Ted – you are truly a hero.  We know you will deny it but we are so proud of you for saving Dudley’s life and giving him time to spend with his family.

Ted and his wife and Mom