Jim Urtel lives in Batavia, NY. He is Blood Type “B”. You can contact Jim by using the form below.

Hello, I was diagnosed with renal failure from uncontrolled high blood pressure back in July of 2012. I went in thinking I had a bad chest cold and ended up on dialysis right away and have been ever since.

I worked in the racehorse business and unfortunately, never had health insurance and always blamed my hbp symptoms on allergies. I have been on the list for almost 8 years now and was called once back in March of last year but it was for a kidney they couldn`t use.

Since then, Strong has done 10 B transplants and I can`t even get a call to be a standby! Needless to say, I don`t understand how the list works.

I now have great blood pressure and luckily no other major ailments. No diabetes, heart issues or any other problems.

I enjoy fishing and anything outdoors and playing my guitars.I just want to be able to enjoy a glass of water and live life normal again.

Thank you.