Jordan Crowley lives in Elma, NY. He has Blood Type “O”. You can contact Jordan by using the form below.

My name is Jordan Crowley(DOB 12/29/98) and this is a little bit about my story.

I was born 3 months prematurely with a large tumor on my lower spine. I also had cysts on my kidneys and only one of them was functioning. My prognosis was grim, but I was strong and able to overcome all of the obstacles and survive. Throughout the years, I continued to face and overcome numerous health impairments to survive.

I am now facing yet another major obstacle. The kidney function in my good kidney has deteriorated greatly.

My transplant team feels the best option would be a live donor.

Currently, I am 20 years old and was in college-studying psychology. I had to take the last semester off for medical reasons, but hope to return next semester. I enjoy reading, cooking, watching tv, swimming, playing with my dogs.

If you are interested in being checked, please contact me or my transplant team at (585)275-7753.