Avinash lives in Cheektowaga, NY. He has Blood Type “O”. You can contact Avinash by using the form below.

Hi my name is Avinash, I am working at M&T bank.

My blood type is “O”

I have completed my masters in United states worked really hard through my entire life to get here and had a dream to start a company of my own, but last year in August 2017 my life turned up side down, I went to urgent care for falling sick after that I was Immediately transferred to ER at Millard Fillmore suburban hospital and Doctors have told me that I have stage 4 kidney failure. I was so scared and was convinced myself it might be cured since I never knew what this disease was. I have been trying it over an year to control as much as I can I went to different doctors took various opinions but none of them could help me in anything. I got struck alone with very little help and need a kidney transplant. I have registered my self in Rochester, UPMC and open to different hospital if needed.

I am very active like to hike and love to visit different places. I live in Cheektowaga, New York.

I am not on Dialysis yet but I don’t know whether I can stay active after being on it as I work 8 – 9 hours a day full time. I am scared to go back to my country since I might not be treated well because they are very expensive.

I am looking for a living donor so that I can live a normal life here.

Please help me. Thank you