Nymschy Van Persie lives in Fredonia, NY. He has blood type A. You can contact him using the form below.

Hello. This is all very new to me. I was very healthy and I am an avid soccer player and basketball player. My plan was to attend medical school, but when I found out I had kidney problems which led to dealing with dialysis 3 times a week it was very hard to accept. I had to change my life style.

Even while I am still on dialysis, I try to go back to my normal life. I have to say this experience in life has taught me to appreciate life; be more compassionate to others. I told myself if I get a kidney transplant I want to be a kidney transplant surgeon. Then I can tell my patients that I know your pain. I know your worries. I have been there too as your friend and doctor.

I am on the waiting list at the Erie County Medical Center.

You can reach me at nfrancois2011@hotmail.com