William Rogers lives in Blasdell, NY. He has Blood Type “A”. You can contact William by using the form below.

Have you ever thought about donating an organ?

Organ and tissue donation helps others by giving them a second chance at life.
I actually never thought about it either until my son, Billy was diagnosed with Stage 4 Kidney Disease.
I had checked my driver’s license years ago to be an organ donor but never in a million years expected someone I love to need this gift of life.

My son’s disease started unexpectedly at 24 years old in June of 2016. He has been on dialysis ever since. His kidneys have failed entirely. He started with hemo-dialysis and has since been switched to peritoneal dialysis.
What this means is he must be hooked up to a machine every single night for 9 hours per night to clean toxins out of his body. If he skips dialysis, he dies!
The only corrective action is a kidney transplant or spending the rest of his life on dialysis.

To educate you on living kidney donation, the first transplant was done in 1954. Thousands of lives have been saved since then. An entire kidney can be donated from a living donor because most people have two. Healthy individuals only need one kidney for normal function. The procedure is done laparoscopicaly and incisions are very small. The statistical risk of dying from this type of surgery is said to be less than one percent. Most people don’t realize they can donate one of their kidneys and still live a normal, healthy life.

The other option is waiting for a deceased donor’s kidney which can be a 3-9 year wait. Twelve lives are lost each day while waiting.
I have been testing to be a donor for my son but things just don’t seem to be working to our advantage. I will continue on the path of donation but for now that is not an option.

Billy has Type “A” Blood and can accept an organ from a donor with Type “A” or “O” Blood. The positive or negative doesn’t matter.

He is a graduate of Frontier High School and Hilbert College. He also works a full time job, which he enjoys and wants to continue but dialysis can hamper that.
I hope that a kidney transplant would allow my son to have that second chance at life.
I know we would be eternally grateful for this gift.

Please contact ECMC transplant at 716-898-4931 for more information.

You may also contact me, Debbie at 716-983-2118 if you would like to get more information.

Thank you for considering giving the greatest gift…..life!!