Joey lives in Williamsville. He has blood type O. You can contact Joey by using the form below.

My 23 year old son had a heart transplant when he was 6 weeks old. For 23 years he went for monthly blood work, took his daily medications and went for cardiac biopsies and check ups. He lived as normal a life as possible, but the medications he was taking so his body would not reject his heart have destroyed his kidneys. He is now in need of a kidney transplant. A transplant with a living donor would give him the best possible chance and the best possible results. Joey has worked for the Amherst Highway Department since he graduated from High School, loves basketball (especially Kobe Bryant) and hockey. He just recently adopted a second dog from the SPCA BECAUSE it had heart worm. He felt like Mocha had a heart problem just like he did. He has lived his life for the fullest for 23 years.

Joey’s family members have been ruled out as donors. He needs some help again. Thank you.


Joey is listed at Erie County Medical Center and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center