Patrick Hoover lives in Frewsburg, NY. He has Blood Type “B”. You can contact Pat by using the form below.

I am 63 years old and still work 9-hours a day at Phoenix Metal in Jamestown as a Sales/Engineer.

My blood type is “B”.

When I turned 45, that is when my life style turned upside down. I started getting sick and had a hard time keeping food down. I went to my Doctor, John Lamancuso and he thought I was having a gall bladder attack. They decide to do surgery and take out my gall bladder, and when they did, it looked like a piece of string, and they thought I might have some form of cancer. After lots of tests they determined I had a disease called (PSC) or Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis. This is a rare bile disease where my body produces extra thick bile that will not go through the bile duct of your liver. So then the bile backs up and starts eating away at whatever organs it can get. They told me I need to have a liver transplant, and on July 26th, 2008 it finally happened. Everything went well for 6-month’s, then my disease kicked into high gear again, so they started doing bile duct surgery and attached a bile bag to catch the excess bile. This lasted 3-years and the process started to fail, so they did a bile duct transplant 2-years ago and at that time I was only the 2nd person in the U.S. to have this done. So far everything is working like it is supposed to. Now after (59) surgeries in 5-years my kidneys have taken their toll, because of all the medications, so now I need a kidney transplant.

I am very active and like to hunt, fish, and play golf. I am married to my wife Mary and we have 5-kids, Jamie, Justin, Jennifer, Ben, Chris, and our dog Molly. We live in Frewsburg NY, and I work at Phoenix Metal as a Sales/Engineer.

I am not on Dialysis yet and would like to find a live donor to avoid doing this. With all the meds that I am on, my doctors are telling me that dialysis will burn me out for the day after the treatment. I still want to work and be active, so that is why I am looking for a live donor.

I chose Strong Hospital in Rochester, because that is where I had my Liver transplant 8-years ago and they know my history but I am open for a different hospital if needed.

Pat and his wife Mary

Pat and his wife Mary


Pat Hoover