The Buffalo News – Everybody’s Column

December 16, 2006

Do you know there are more than 400 people on the Buffalo waiting list in need of a kidney?

Visit a new Web site – – and you will see pictures of your friends and neighbors and read a little bit about them and their needs. This Web site is new, so there aren’t too many stories yet, but I guarantee the list will grow.

Won’t you please consider becoming a living kidney donor? After all, you only need one.

If you’re thinking of being a living donor, it doesn’t cost anything to look and just maybe your heartstrings will feel a bit of a tug. With today’s technology, thousands of people are giving this ultimate gift of life.

To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you just may be the world.

If you are in need of a kidney, we would love to add your name to our list.

You just never know where your hero will come from.

Jeanette Ostrom,  Jamestown