Kathy was Donna's Hero

Kathy was Donna’s Hero

February 13, 2008 – Kathy Starkweather and Donna became friends about 8 years ago while working at a department store. Kathy had a son who was born with heart problems 6 years ago and under went open heart surgery when he was only a few days old. ..When it was time for Kathy to return to work and find a childcare provider for her son it was hard to find anyone willing because of the extra special care he needed so she turned to my mother who babysat in her home part-time and requested her services to care for her son. My mother decided since it was getting harder to be on her feet for long hours and having so much pain from her kidneys being enlarged it would benefit both of them if she quit her current position and took on child care full time.

Kathy’s son is now 6 years old and is healthy as can be. Kathy said that for this reason she decided to test for my mother, she said “You were there when we needed you, when no one else was. You have done so much for us, that I want to do this for you, I love you, you are like my family.” Life is amazing, the Lord works in mysterious ways and it is because of him that they were brought together so many years ago, he had a bigger plan in mind for both of them when they met.


Their match was a match made in heaven. Donna recieved her kidney transplant in Buffalo General Hospital. The Doctor said Kathy had very strong kidneys and that my mother was so lucky to have such a wonderful friend. My mothers creatinine level is now normal 0.08 with in 1 week of the transplant and feels like she has so much more energy already. Kathy the donor was discharged on Friday the 15th and Donna was discharged on Tuesday the 19th, both of them are doing well.