When we decided to post our story in August of 2014, we received many positive comments from family and friends sending prayers and well wishes. Approximately two weeks after placing our story on the Kidney Connection website, we were contacted by Kim, who said she wanted to be tested to be our donor. In September Kim and Thomas went for cross-matching. Due to HIPPA laws we were unaware that Kim had continued with the process, or that she was in fact a match. Just prior to Halloween, I emailed her just to say hello and thank her for her interest. She gave us the greatest trick or treat of our lives, when she told us she was going forward with the process to be our donor.

We met Kim and her husband for the first time just before Thanksgiving.  When Thomas and I got to the coffee shop, we both had butterflies in our stomachs, and then when we met them, it just felt natural.  We continued to converse through emails.  Thomas updated all of his medical testing, and the extensive process of becoming a donor continued for Kim. At each turn, I assured Kim that we would understand if she ever wanted to change her mind, but she told us she was 100% committed. On the 19th of January the ethics committee at the Transplant Hospital met and agreed to go forward with the surgery.

On February 9th our donor Kim, gave a very important piece of herself to my husband. This kidney will forever change our lives. There are no words that you can say that will ever capture how important of a gift that is. Kim is our miracle. She is the true definition of a hero.




Celebrating the gift of life!